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Monday, September 29, 2014

Entry #343

I am sure that some readers (who are not parents) might find it less interesting to follow my blog cos my blog is slowly becoming more like a parenting blog is always about the baby....! The truth is that my life really revolves around the baby...and other than when I am at work, the baby is with me almost all the time so hard to leave him out in my blog posts, yar? ;) Even when I am not blogging and the boy is asleep, I will be busy reading mummy articles, shopping for baby stuff online....

i wonder how many readers are actually mothers or mums-to-be? 

Anyway, the first picture of the post! A picture of the really cutie boy who has become a huge part of my life! Really love you, little boy! 

Baby @ 6 months old! He is able to sit on his own for a very very short while....#milestone

During the weekend, I brought him out to meet the grandparents and we went to Changi Airport! I love how empty the airport is on Saturday mornings and it is great to walk in a place with little or no crowd. Changi Airport provides Combi strollers for parents to use...

I do not breastfeed so we have been spending quite a bit of money on formula milk. Baby Z drinks one tin of milk a week ........
I thank God for the mummy FB group I joined. Managed to get many tins of Friso milk at a good price! I bought direct from Friso and saved a lot! 

Baby Z uses Mamy Poko diapers and we have been buying his diapers from Jintaitong! Jintaitong has many outlets in Singapore and their Mamy Poko diapers are really much cheaper than what you have to pay for if you buy from supermarkets like NTUC. For formula milk, because we are using Friso, it is still cheaper to buy direct from Friso ( Jintaitong sells formula milk at a very good price...cheaper than most supermarkets but if you are using Friso brand, buy direct from Friso! 

Nowadays you seldom see pretty #brunch pics cos for every meal it is like"lets eat as fast as we can before Baby Z wakes up"! If Baby Z is not asleep, we will be taking turns to carry him and walk. So, during meal times, we are seldom found sitting down together to eat. Either the husband or I will be carrying Baby Z and whoever is not carrying the baby will be gobbling down the food ....

But thank God on Sunday, Baby Z slept when we were having our brunch and we managed to have a quiet and peaceful brunch at our favorite coffee club branch. The moment I finished my last drop of hot tea, baby Z cried was that timely! 

We had the Cheesy 7 pizza from Pizza Hut and it was awesome! For cheese lovers, you gotta try this!! 

Posted this image (picture below) on Instagram this morning. I heard from a colleague on what happened to a child in school. I am praying for her.....

Gotta go! Baby Z is awake for his milk feed! 


Friday, September 19, 2014

Proby play mat

Since we moved into our new place, I have been wanting to purchase a play mat for the little baby to crawl on. I did some research online, spoke to a few friends who are also mums and am convinced that I need one.... Most of my friends purchased their playmats from parklon and dwinguler but I was unwilling to pay more than a hundred dollars on a playmat. So.....

In the end, I bought my mat from Proby for $53 plus (including shipping) from Qo100. It is probably my best buy from Qo100 to date. (I am not a frequent shopper in Qo100...hehe...only a green member...unlike some of my friends who have attained gold membership?) I am very happy with my Proby mat. The mat is thick, huge (a good size for my baby to roll and crawl). The baby loves the bright colors on the mat and was excited to be on the mat! 


If like me, you are unwilling to spend a lot on a playmat, you might want to consider Proby. I personally like it! :) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Updates again!

This holiday is quite a fruitful one! Thank God!!

I knew that I needed to spend time out of the house and meet up with friends I was diligent in getting all the stuff packed in my new place!:)

I met with two lovely NUS friends who are also teachers and we had a meal at my favourite place, Bistro Du Vin. I love the set lunch served there. You get quality french food at a good price. The set lunch cost $34 ++ and it comes with an appetizer, main course, dessert and coffee or tea. Good food and if you have not tried the food there, this is a place to consider for special occasions or just a normal date out!
I am not gonna blog much about what I ate. U can see them from the photos. The menu should be on their website. We had lunch at the Shaw Centre branch. I heard that there is another outlet in Zion Road (near Great World City) and the set lunch is slightly cheaper there. :)
After lunch, we went to Clickz studio in Far East Plaza for a mini photoshoot. I am not good at posing for photos so not uploading any pics of our shoot but I must say clickz studio is an excellent studio for family photos and just a photoshoot with friends! We had lots of fun and I am already planning one for my family...:)

Brought baby out on my own to Nex Mall on one of the weekday mornings and I have never seen Nex mall so empty before but really, it is always a good feeling to walk in an empty mall. I had KFC porridge for the first time and love it! :) I believe that my first time bringing the baby out without the husband is a success so there will be more of such solo outings with the baby. #LOOKINGFORWARD

We had our first swim together as a family for the first time. Baby was very quiet throughout the ten minutes in the pool. Could see that he's a little scared! :( will try swimming again next week...

I bought my first Gucci bag this holiday and I am still very happy with my it at a good price...thanks to the brother in law for this good Lobang! U know buying a new bag can make me happy for a few days? #easilycontented? This new Gucci bag is big enough to dump all my things that I always need to bring to work. Can't wait to use it on Monday..

Writing this post makes me feel that despite the many challenges I face, God is good to bless me with so many things. I am very thankful.

Sunday is coming to an end. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Last week and this week

Last week, I moved out of my parents' place to stay on our own. Thank God for this lovely place which has an awesome view. Before we left, we celebrated my mum's birthday in Shang Palace. It was a good lunch and I am impressed with the service provided by them. I will be blogging more on my mum's birthday soon...when I get my Internet connection at my new place! Anyway, we terminated our Internet connection contract with singnet and we are now with my Republic. Staying away from my parents will mean less help as they will not be around to care for the baby at night. I know most parents do not have as much as my husband and I. I am thankful for all the help we have. Not staying with my family will mean no home cooked food unless I decide I want to cook. I will cook occasionally and post the recipes on this blog. Yar...if I succeed in whipping up a nice dish. #hubbyasguineapig
There is only one eating house near my new place and thank God the food there is pretty good. We had mushroom minced meat noodles, lor mee and bak ku teh. All three were great! I can foresee more meals of instant noodles and instant porridge as we are pretty lazy to drive out most of the time. Oh, there is a free shuttle bus from our condo to a nearby mall but the thought of having to dress up to go to the mall makes us feel tired. We are not people who will travel far for good food. Yes, so we stocked up many instant noodles and all the instant stuff for days we are too lazy to even go to that nearby food court.

Baby is getting too demanding recently. He wants to be carried all the time. Sigh.

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