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Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 2014


its been more than one month since I last blogged but please excuse me. 

Besides the fatigue and essential bed rest instructed by the doctor, the responsibilities of a mother-to-be, wife, daughter, sister has taken up most of my time. The remaining time I had was to catch up on work and help the husband with his business. Absolutely no time for myself. Bedtime these days are like at least as late as 1am. I know many people are asking me to rest and sleep before the baby arrives but I simply can't. In fact, I am pushing myself to the limits to get more things done so that when the baby arrives, hopefully, he will get my 100% undivided attention. In the midst of all the mad rush, I am also trying to squeeze time out to read up on parenting and how to manage a newborn. I must admit that I have not spent much time reading but I thank God for my mum-in-law who will be helping me out when the baby arrives. I am super unprepared but really, there is no one who is prepared as a first time mum so I am just gonna see what happens, pray and get lots of help when the baby arrives. 

My life seems to have taken a 180 degree change, and definitely I find myself hoping to get back to some parts of my previous lifestyle. As a reward to myself for being a rather disciplined preggie in terms of my intake of food and restriction of activities (to have a healthy baby), I booked a pair of tickets to Steve Vai's concert which will take place on 21 March!...It will be during my one month confinement period....I know the parents will be shocked to know that . I don't even know if I can even make it there but the hubby likes Steve Vai and I don't think I should miss this concert which only happens once every ten years. I don't even know if Steve Vai will still perform after 10 tens years so it is a must go concert? Yup, baby will be born by 21 March and will probably ask the parents to care for him while we go for our concert date! Looking forward to it!

I have loads of plans for myself during my maternity leave but I am sure all these plans will all change once the little tot is out.

So, Chinese New Year came and went. I did not visit many families and spent the bulk of the time finishing up bottles, tubs and boxes of goodies. CNY was my "fattening period" where I gained 5 kg in total within a short span of 15 days. I am not complaining cos it is a mandatory weight gain especially the baby is real small before CNY and after CNY, he has grown and I am relieved he did! *applause for me* Up to date, I have gained 12 kg throughout my entire pregnancy. 

Being preggie also means less photo taking for me. These days, taking out the phone to take pics of food, surrounding or even selfies is like a big chore to me. I leave the photo taking to the man. 

Being preggie also means feeling ugly and having the "I-don't-feel-like-going-out-cos-I-dunno-what-to-wear" feeling. I can't fit into most of my clothes so I am always wearing the same few dresses.....and photo taking becomes boring too with no new outfits. The thrifty and practical me just can't bring myself to blow $$ on those maternity dresses that cost a big bomb especially I know I will put them away once I give birth.....I will still have to find a place to store them...what for buy them then? 

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and it is like ANY TIME the baby will arrive. Wait for the big announcement and follow me on instagram for the announcement


Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Experience With Borderlink

Do you know that some of the goods sold on Amazon are eligible for free shipping to Singapore? This makes shopping with Amazon so attractive these days. In the recent weeks, I bought baby wipes and many baby toys from Amazon and they are much cheaper than purchasing them from the stores in Singapore. Usually, I will only purchase items which are eligible for free shipping but because my sister like one of their baby monitors (unavailable in Singapore) so much and though there is no free and direct shipping to Singapore, I still decided to purchase it for her for Christmas. I also purchased a box of protector sheets for my iPad air. 

My unhappiness with Borderlink started here. For those who do not know what Borderlink is, Borderlink is a shipping company and I normally use their service to ship goods which cannot be shipped direct to Singapore.  For this shipment, when I was notified of the cost of the shipping, I suspect the box used was too huge. I contacted them before they shipped it to ask them to see if they can repack it into a smaller box. The reply I got from them was that the packing was already optimal.

So when I received my shipment, I was really upset. The small monitor and protector sheets were packed in an oversized box with many air packs. From the photos below, you can see how ridiculous the packing was. Borderlink could have used a much smaller box and I will be charged much lesser for the shipping but Borderlink choose not to repack and I ended up paying a lot for the shipping. There were way too many air packs used. 

So, if you wanna ship items via Borderlink, please think twice! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday celebration!

12.12.2013 was my last birthday with the hubby...and just the two of us! Next year, there will be a new addition to our little family and birthdays will be spent  with the little baby and the big baby (aka hubby)! 

I knew the hubby was planning to give me a surprise on my birthday and I  was expecting a dinner treat or some flowers....I did not expect more but he surprised me with a staycation in Marina Bay Sands hotel. After being married for 3 years, it was our first staycation and I was pretty excited about it. The hubby only told me of the plans on my actual birthday at 10 am and we had to check in at 12pm so my birthday started off with a mad (and happy!) rush to prepare what to wear for the stay in MBS! 

He booked the premier room with city view. :)

After checking in, we headed for lunch buffet in Rise. The buffet spread was huge but I could only eat a small portion of the entire food spread on the buffet table. I miss sushi and all my fav RAW food! of the woes of pregnancy...

My birthday cake was a cake taken from the buffet table but I was still very happy because the hubby took the effort to "smuggle" the lighter, candles and "Happy Birthday" sign from home to the restaurant. Thumbs up for his effort! 

Our room! 

Me @ 27 weeks pregnant! 

View from the skypark in Marina Bay Sands hotel! 

We went for an evening swim in the infinity pool! 

After our swim, we went up to the skypark again. The view from the skypark wa really spectacular. 

The final surprise came when we were sitting by the window and he gave me my birthday present! 

I was happy to wake up to this view (see below pic) the next morning! Wish I could wake up to such a view every morning. 

Our last swim in the infinity pool before we checked out of the hotel!

That's all! 

Happy New Year to all! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello December!

So what has Miss Vanilla Beanz been up to since the end of Nov to the beginning of December? Read on to find out....:P

Since the purchase of our car, we have been driving around quite often to explore places which we could not do so previously on weekdays. Before we had this car, we could only visit places which are only easily accessible by car during the weekends (we drove my dad's car). Indeed, having our own car makes travelling around on weekdays really so much more convenient but having said that, our driving skills are not as good as those who have been driving frequently for many sometimes it can be quite frightful (at least for me!) when the road gets crowded. I guess lots of things needs practice in order to be perfect or I am casting my fears aside and hanging onto the fact that I will be better with more practice. If you do spot a very slow driver who drive a red Mazda car, that driver could probably be me! don't "horn" at any slow Mazda driver...have mercy on me!! 

Driving also helps me depend on God daily. I make it a point to pray and leave the day's journey in God's hands. I learnt this from my dad who has been driving for the past 30 plus years and he is fantastic because he has never had a road accident before....not even a minor one. I attribute it to the fact that he prays everyday for God's protection to be upon him before he starts driving each day. Our God protects! 

Besides checking out many different cafes with our car (I might blog about the cafes I visited...probably in my next blog post), I have been busy putting aside some clothes to give away. Packing away these clothes (most new and unworn ones) made me realise how careless I am in spending my money. There are numerous purchases which I probably made in impulse. Well, I need to remind myself to think carefully before each purchase.....I don't want to have to clear away bags of  unworn clothings again in the near future. I also discovered many unused and "hidden" skincare and makeup products in my drawers. I have neatly categorised all of them and I can foresee myself not buying any skincare or makeup products at least in the next two years......Yup, that's how many unused products I have accumulated...

If you still don't know, the hubby and I are expecting a child next March! yay! Congratulations to us! To prepare for the arrival of our little prince, I have been reading up a lot on parenting. We are currently deciding on our stroller, car seat and cot. Should you have any recommendations on stroller, car seat (a car seat which can fit into the quite small and cramped back seat in Mazda RX8) and cot, please drop me an email. As our room is already "crowded" with lots of our stuff, we decided to do away with the purchase of the milk bottle steriliser and the milk bottle warmer. We should be using the "old" method of soaking the milk bottles in hot water to sterilise the bottles and placing the milk bottle in a mug of hot water to warm the milk. Any thoughts on that? Share with me by commenting on this post or dropping me an email (! 

Not feeling the Christmas mood yet? Today, I met up with the best friend in PS cafe (dempsey) and that is the place to go if you want to "catch" the Christmas mood and have the Christmasy feeling in you. :) Love the Christmas carols and the huge Christmas tree there! We had the lasagne, chicken parmigiano, lemon tart and carrot cake. 

That's all for this post! 

Have a blessed week! 

Love, Jasmine

(instagram: @jasholee)
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