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Friday, June 20, 2014

His Amazing Power

This week started off well with a movie date and I did some shopping on my own after the date. Now that I am a mum, the times I have to spend time alone ...with myself are much more precious! 

Oh, my movie tickets came with a free pair of 3 D glasses! Yay! :)

When I was shopping, I spotted the most comfy bedsheets I have ever had and I thought I must introduce it to you all. Forget about thread count! When I started searching for bedsheets to purchase just before I got married, I was told that the higher the thread count of the bedsheet, the more comfy it will be. But these bedsheets in Muji do not have any thread count on its packaging  and are super comfy. By the way, not all the bedsheets in Muji are super comfy, only the ones shown in the picture below are. :)
I was really happy to see them in more colours. :)

Lunch was in Medz. I had the value lunch set which is really value for money. My husband had his favourite salt crusted steak. 

His steak! I highly recommend steak lovers to try this! 

This week is amazing because I am constantly reminded of the miracle God had done in my family. Last week, my dad fell ill. He was down with cough, runny nose and sore throat. Soon after he fell ill, my mum also became sick and then it was my turn followed by the husband. 
We were so ill that we could not care for our baby so Baby Zachary spent a day with my in-laws before I decided to take him home and care for him even though I was still very ill. I was very worried that he will get the virus from us. To make things worse, I was reminded that since he does not get breast milk from me, his immune system will be poorer than breast fed babies and his chances of falling ill will be higher. I was very worried he will fall ill and I kept praying and asking God for help. Everytime he coughs or sneezes, I will beg God to protect him and our amazing God really protects. All the adults in the house including me fell ill and though we were still in close contact with Baby Zachary, he did not fall ill. 
Our God really protects! 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Best Toy Ever!

Recently, I am into some kind of "toy-buying" craze and bought many different toys from Amazon for the little boy! 

My best purchase has to be Scout (from Leapfrog). Scout has since become my essential "weapon" to combat all crying and screams! When my little boy starts to cry in the car, I just have to press one of the buttons on Scout to play a song and the little boy will stop crying immediately! 
Scout is also a "life-saver" last week because I was having a sore throat and could not sing to the little boy (He likes me to sing to him!). I had Scout to "sing" to him! :)

If you are thinking of what to buy for your child who is about 3 months old, you might wanna consider purchasing Scout (a Leapfrog product)! 


Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby Photography

Now that my little boy is 3 months old, I realise I have been thinking of bringing him to a professional photography studio for three months and nothing has been done! 

I am going to start looking into the different photography studio options! Do you have any photography studios to recommend?

I like Ashley Low Photography and they are having a promotion! Should I?

You are 3 months old!

Happy three months old to my little baby! 

Daddy and mummy love you! :)

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