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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The week so far!

Baby loves to sleep on his side and this picture never fails to make me smile! :)

I was unwell and went to see a doctor. The clinic was full so I decided to go to a nearby coffee shop to have a cup of tea while waiting for my turn. I could be already in a good mood but drinking this $1 tea made me happy! :) #simplelife

I need a Saint Laurent satchel and this is quite nice but it is sold out! Boo! :(

I need a small bag so that when I go out with the boy on my own, I will just sling the small bag on one of my shoulders and the HUGE diaper bag on the other. #lifeofamum

BEST BUY of the week! This Fisher Price toy keeps my son entertained so I can do my stuff (i.e. Facebooking :P) while keeping an eye on him from a distance....


I am going for a church wedding in a few days' time and I need a new dress! Mango dresses range are good and they usually fit me well and so I have shortlisted three of the dresses. Which one should I buy? Buying from Zalora. Love online shopping! :) #onlineshoppingisbestformums

Zalora has kindly decided to give you a discount off your purchase! Type in "ZAJASMINE15" to enjoy 15% off your purchase! 
A little perk for readers of my blog, yes?

Have a great week! :)

Thankful Tuesday

These days, with so many things on hand to do, I rarely have time to think through what happened during the day and give thanks. So, I set aside today to give thanks to God for his provision to us and I am blogging about it. 

For the past two weeks, it was a mad rush for me. We decided that we want to move out of my parents' place and live independently with our little kid. It is a big decision for us as since the birth of our child, we have been staying with my parents and are kind of a little reliant on them. I am glad that we chose to stay with them for these past two years as my relationship with my parents (especially my mum) strengthened a lot and the husband got to know my parents better too. Of course, with my husband staying with my parents, I know it is no easy task for him as he is the only one who has to adapt to our lifestyle. I have lived with my parents almost all my life and he, from a different family which has a different kind of habits and lifestyle, will have some difficulty getting used to our way of doing things but he persevered (Thanks, dear!). I thank God for understanding parents who try to make his stay a comfortable one. I thank God for the opportunity to stay together. Now is the time for us to move out and be on our own. When we finally decided that we should, I was tasked to search for a place. If you know me, I like to do things quick and without much delay and soon I was searching through a few times a day. Deciding on the location was no easy matter too as I have to take into account my workplace which is in Bedok, my parents' place in Paya Lebar (I want them to visit me often so it is good to be near them too) and my parents-in-law's place in Hougang (my mum-in-law takes care of the baby when we are working so it is very important to be near her). Thank God, in just a week, we found a place to rent and will be moving in in the beginning of September. I will be sharing pictures of my place soon and its facilities. I like the family oriented facilities in that condo development and am already thinking of buying a unit there. Anyway, I am praying and letting God lead me in our journey of finding a new home. I thank God for this rented unit as when I finally decided on this development, the units that I am interested in were all rented out but God gave us a better unit which came to us in a miraculous way. I can't be more thankful and I look forward to our adventure in our new place. 

All glory be to God! 


Monday, August 25, 2014

New Online Store - Shop Beba

It has been quite long since I last blogged. I have been busy with sooooo many stuff including learning how to care for my baby (not easy being a mum! I salute all mums, including myself...hehe), setting up and running SHOP BEBA! Selling things online has always been something I really want to do. I am so glad I started Shop Beba. Please do show your support for me especially if you have been reading my blog regularly! :) I can't remember if I mentioned about Shop Beba in my previous posts......

I gave birth to my little boy in March and started working on Shop Beba in May. It was a really tough time for me but I knew I had to get Shop Beba up and running before I go back to work in July. Shop Beba started its operation in July. I thank God for some sales and yes, please support so that I can bring in more unique and kids-safe products! Currently, Shop Beba does not carry products from popular brands like Fisher Price, Vtech etc. The reason is that many stores are already selling these products. Shop Beba aims to be a store which sells products which are seldom found in most online store and all our products are from reliable manufacturers/ companies and distributors. 

Some of the brands currently available on Shop Beba are Pure Poppet, Babyatt, Rebel Kidz, Kinderspel....

Below are snapshots of Shop Beba's site. Do support! All our products are authentic and we are official resellers of these products. 

There's free normal shipping for orders of any amount and free courier shipping for orders above $80. If your orders fall below $80 and you wish to have courier shipping, it will be an additional cost of $5.

Please support by visiting our site.

and LIKING the Facebook Page!

That's all from me today! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selling Post

Brand New KINDERSPEL Lunch Bag for $96 on #carousell
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