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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chinatown and Honguo 红锅

Yesterday evening, my parents and I decided to visit Chinatown to get a little bit of the festive mood! 

I love this cute snake float in Chinatown! So CUTEEEE! :) Sorry for the blurry picture. My dad's car windscreen needs some cleaning....:P

We did not visit the Chinatown bazaar in the crowded streets of Chinatown like Smith Street. Instead, we went to the newly opened Chinatown Point Mall! 

The picture below was taken from an overhead walkway. As you can see from the picture below, at about 5pm, the traffic in Chinatown is still bearable. The same cannot be said for the traffic at 9pm. We left Chinatown at 9pm and the roads in Chinatown or roads leading to Chinatown were very crowded! Traffic was very slow!  

Good business at this barbecue pork stall in Chinatown! I have not bought any barbecue pork yet. Have you? 

After a long time of shopping in Chinatown Point and OG shopping centre, we had our dinner in Honguo in Chinatown Point! 

I ordered the XO fried seafood noodles ($8.80)! Dad and mum tried my noodles and they love it a lot ! 

My daddy ordered the black pepper beef lotus rice ($8.80)! This dish is a little too oily but still very yummy! 

My mum who did not want to eat anything initially, ordered the seafood hotpot set ($14.80) after much persuasion from me. I know she will love something hot and soupy! :) This hotpot was the best dish! My dad loved her seafood hotpot so much that he offered to exchange some of his lotus rice with soup from her hotpot. :)
...In the end, both of them enjoyed the lotus rice and seafood hotpot together! 


Enjoy your Sunday! 

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