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Sunday, January 20, 2013

French restaurants in Singapore

This morning, I was walking along Purvis Street and happened to pass by Saveur. Saveur is an eatery which serves French food at a very affordable price. This eatery started off as a stall in a kopitiam in East Coast road. Now Saveur has found a new home in Purvis Street and the crowd in their Purvis Street shop shows that they are doing well. 

My experience with Saveur (two years ago) was not good. Hubby and I had duck confit there and the portions were very small. We are no big eaters so if to us, a portion is small, it is really small. I remember we were still hungry after eating our duck confit so we had to order a packet of rojak from another stall in the kopitiam to fill our stomach! The duck confit did not taste good too. A not so good experience with Saveur (2 years ago) is enough to keep us away from this French eatery. I am surprised to see so many people dining in their new outlet in Purvis Street. Has the size/ portion of the food increased? Or are diners contented with the small portion because the price is low? Has the standard of their food improved?  

So where do I go if I have craving for French food? There are two places I will visit......

(1) La Petite Cuisine
10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene Centre
Tel: 64688850

I have only dined one time in this restaurant and I am already impressed with both the price and the food! La Petite Cuisine serves wallet friendly and quality French cuisine. The price of the main courses are in the range of $10 to $20 and there is no GST and service charge. So, the prices you see on the menu are exactly what you will pay! I like all-inclusive menu prices. :) The taste of the main courses are definitely comparable to what you get from premium restaurants. :) 

Below are pictures of foodie I ordered when I was there with my friends about three months ago! :)

1 Scotts Road
#02-12 Shaw Centre
 Tel: 67337763

Bistro Du Vin is a French bistro I strongly recommend. The prices of the food in Bistro Du Vin are higher than La Petite Cuisine but Bistro Du Vin has better ambience and I love their ribeye steak! Hubby said that their ribeye steak is the best he has ever eaten! If you want to try great French food in Bistro Du Vin and yet do not want to spend a lot, try their 3-course set lunch. Their 3-course set lunch cost $30 ++ and you can view the menu on their website. 

Below are pictures of foodie Hubby and I had in Bistro Du Vin last year. :)

That's all for my recommendations of French food in Singapore. If you know of any good French restaurant, share with me by leaving a comment! :)

Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend!


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  1. I read the blog i see the blog and i realy enjoy the blog dishes i remember the my previous days in Singapore thanks for sharing.


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