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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday afternoon: Haji Lane, Arab Street, Kandahar Street

Yesterday, after work, my sister and I decided to meet up! Our plan was to eat in Maison Ikkoku in Kandahar Street and shop in Haji Lane. We met outside Parkview Square and went in to take a look at the magnificent decoration! This is not my first time to Parkview Square but this place never fails to impress me with their decoration! It is definitely a perfect place to have drinks with friends. 

Lounge in Parkview Square

Then, we headed to Haji Lane, I have not been to Haji Lane for at least four months and it has changed a lot. There are many new shops. We wanted to shop in Haji Lane after our lunch but because we spent a long time chatting during lunch, we did not have time to shop! :( I am definitely going back there to check out the new shops! 

Near to Haji Lane is Arab Street and there are many shops in Arab Street which sell cloth! If you want to get cloth to make clothes, besides Chinatown, Arab Street is one place you can check out. 

After some searching, we arrived at Kandahar Street! 

We arrived in Maison Ikkoku in Kandahar Street and was told that there were no empty seats for us so I left my number for them to call me when there are seats available! In the meantime, we went shopping in Arab Street! 

There are many interesting things to look at in Arab. Below are pictures of some interesting things I saw in Arab Street.....

I like this "I LOVE YOU" mosaic decoration! :) 

The call from Maison Ikkoku came and we were back in Kandahar Street! :)

Finally, in Maison Ikkoku! :) 

My sister had twisted french omelete! The omelete is awesome and the serving is huge! 

I had Umami Florentine! :)


I read that Maison Ikkoku serves very good coffee but we did not want any drinks because we intended to have kunefe (Turkish dessert) later! 

Maison Ikkoku is along the same street as a popular bakery, Rich and Good Cake Shop. I purchased three swiss rolls from this bakery!

These are the prices! For your info! :)

We proceeded to Sufi's corner in Arab Street for kunefe but were told that their kunefe is sold out and the chef will only make the next batch of kunefe in the evening! What a disappointment! I fell in love with Kunefe when I tried it in a Turkish restaurant in Suntec City. I had always wanted to bring my sister to try this fantastic dessert. I read that Sufi's corner sells kunefe and their kunefe is good! 

Pictures of the yummy swiss rolls I bought! I bought a durian, a kaya and a strawberry swiss roll! There are many more flavors. The more popular flavors are the durian and kaya! 

In Arab Street, I see many people smoking shisha! I have friends who tell me that smoking shisha is ok and it is not detrimental to our health. My friends even told me that there is no tobacco used in shisha. However, after googling more on shisha, I found out that smoking shisha might be more dangerous than cigarettes. There is definitely tobacco used in shisha. Because shisha is found in many shops in Arab Street, it seems quite ok to smoke shisha. In fact, I think most people do not even know that there is tobacco content in shisha! 

There is an article by BBC which says that shisha is more harmful than cigarettes. You can read it here
Whether this article by BBC about shisha being more harmful than cigarettes is true or not, it doesn't really matter. What is true and matters is that shisha does have tobacco in it and this is something that is not known to many. 

So, if possible, avoid smoking shisha! 

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