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Friday, February 1, 2013

Walt Disney World, Florida (Part 2) - Magic Kingdom

Below are more pictures of Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida. 

You can read my first post on Florida here

The queues of the popular attractions in every theme park were long so we would start to collect fast pass the moment we reached the theme park. The fast pass allows us to join a faster/ shorter queue. A popular attraction which requires visitors to queue for at least 2 hours will have the queue time shortened to about 15 minutes with the fast pass! So the fast pass was really essential!! :)
Fast passes are given out during a certain time and every popular attractions have their own fast passes! There are also limited fast passes given out! 

Jungle Cruise Fast Pass!

An awesome way to end the day in Magical Kingdom! Beautiful fireworks!! :)

I will be blogging part 3 tomorrow! Come back to my blog for part 3. 

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Happy weekend! 

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