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Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturday: Farmer's Market (Loewen Gardens) & Marmalade Pantry

 On Saturday, my family and I visited the Farmer's Market at The Pantry at Loewen's Garden

The Farmer's Market was a little disappointing because there were fewer than 10 stalls and we were only there for less than half hour. 

Farmer's Market

Dad wanted to have brunch in Rider's Cafe but when we arrived there, a queue was already forming inside the cafe. We did not want to wait so we decided to have our meal in The Marmalade Pantry. I read many good reviews about The Marmalade Pantry and I was quite excited to try the food there. 


Hmm....Contrary to many good food reviews about The Marmalade Pantry, I was quite disappointed  with the pasta I ordered. I tasted the food my family members ordered and I did not like them too. My parents did not like their pasta and salad. However, I must applaud The Marmalade Pantry for the great ambience and good service. The service crew were attentive and very helpful. And I like the sofa I sat on! Comfortable sofas always make dining experiences pleasant. :)

spaghetti carbonara

crabmeat linguini

My main course: seared scallop linguini

Caesar salad

french toast with caramelized pears and vanilla bean ice-cream

After my lunch, I took a walk before going back to Marmalade Pantry for some cupcakes! :)

The cupcakes are soooooo lovely! 

Bought a yuzu cupcake! 

That's all! Have a blessed week ahead! :)

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