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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Japanese curry rice

I am on a Japanese curry rice rampage recently.  Ever since I came back from Scandinavia where I had an overdose of steak, burgers and fries, all I want to eat is curry rice. 

Since my return to Singapore 2 weeks ago, I have satisfied my almost daily craving for Japanese curry rice in Coco Ichibanya, Monster Curry, Nana's Green Tea and Okini Japanese Cuisine. 

Not gonna write about Coco Ichibanya and Monster curry because I have reviewed their food in my earlier posts. 


Yesterday saw me in Nana's Green Tea for the second time in two weeks. I will be there again because the set lunch ($13.80) which includes a main course and any drink under $8 is so worth it! Everyone should visit Nana's Green Tea during lunch time. 

Hubby ordered the Ebi Curry Udon while I had the Ebi Curry Rice. :) 

Love the curry rice though I still prefer the ones served in Coco Ichibanya and Monster Curry. The drink is superb! As I am typing this blog entry, I am craving for a good Matcha drink like the one I had in Nana's! 

*Sorry for the poor quality photos of the food in Nana's Green Tea. All these photos were taken by my iPhone. Did not bring the camera out! *

Today's lunch was in Okini Japanese Cuisine in Suntec City. Hubby and I had squid curry rice ($9.90) and cheese curry rice ($9.90). I did not quite enjoy the curry sauce so I don't think I will ever be going back there. Prefer spicier curry sauce!
If you can't take spicy food, you will be happy with the curry rice in Okini. It is just a little spicy. :)

Much Love, 

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