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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Travelogue - Bergen, Norway Day 1

When we arrived in Bergen, it was raining but we still braved the rain to explore the fish market and Bryggen wharf. :) Hahaa...excited tourists we were! Our first stop before the fish market and Bryggen wharf was the tourist information centre which was just beside the fish market. We bought our Mount Ulriken bus and cable car tickets there and got our "Norway in the Nutshell" tickets printed there. The tourist information centre is one place all tourists should visit on their first day in Bergen. The centre has all the information any tourist needs and we were so glad to pick up some important Bergen guide books there which we referred to as we made some last minute plans for our trip at night. If we had more time in Bergen, we will book some of the guided trips there. There's really a lot to see and experience in Bergen. 

Fish Market



View of Bryggen wharf from the fish market! 
love this picture! 

more seafood!

Whale!! It was my first time eating whale meat. Took a small bite and I did not like it. 

Bryggen wharf

Bryggen wharf!

We stayed in Basic Hotel and it was a short walking distance to Bryggen wharf, fish market, tourist information centre, funicular and the bus pick-up point to Mount Ulriken. A very convenient hotel but the biggest downside of the hotel was that it was very noisy at night because of the pub beside the hotel. The hubby had a hard time falling asleep without the ear plugs so he wore ear plugs for all three nights. Ear plugs were provided by the hotel. The hotel staff are aware of the noise problem and there are numerous complaints about the noise level on Tripadvisor. I was very tired on all 3 nights so falling asleep on all three nights with loud music was no big problem for me!

On our way back to Basic Hotel....

Of all the four cities (Copenhagen, Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki) I went, Bergen has the best scenery and nature. Love all that I saw in Bergen. I will be back with my blog post on my second day in Bergen. I went for  the "Norway In A Nutshell" tour. 

Till the next post! :)

Happy midweek!


  1. Hi Stumbled onto you blog while researching on Norway. Great pictures! I suppose you would not recommend staying in Basic Hotel again. Is Bergen a small town where most places are accessible by foot? Because I notice that the hotel prices[arr]=2013-08-04&aDateRange[dep]=2013-08-05&iRoomType=7&iMemberProfileId=0&iViewType=0&iGeoDistanceItem=0&iPathId=44291& are pretty steep.

    1. Hi Tom, most of the attractions in Bergen are easily accessible by foot if you stay near the tourist information centre which is beside the fish market. The main attractions are all near the fish market. If you stay further away from the fish market, you will need to take a bus down to the fish market everyday. I recommend you choose a hotel which a short walking distance to the fish market.

    2. Basic Hotel is well located and is probably the cheapest hotel in Bergen which is near the fish market. If you can fall asleep in a quite noisy environment then basic hotel is a good choice. The airport bus stops right outside Basic hotel.

  2. Good to know. Thank you for the advice!


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