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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Travelogue - Helsinki, Finland, Day 1

I have been quite a homebody recently......or rather I have always been but now probably an "extreme" homebody and enjoying it!

So nothing much to write about my daily. Hence,  the lack of updates. 

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This year, in June, I went to Scandinavia and have finished blogging all the mini adventures I had in Stockholm, Bergen and Copenhagen. In this post and the next few, I will be blogging about Helsinki. If you are interested, do come back and check out my blog frequently. A big thank you to all my faithful blog readers. You are the reason why I am still blogging. :)

Since Helsinki was our last destination, we booked a five-star hotel to end off the trip well. We did not stay in luxurious hotels in Bergen, Copenhagen, Stockholm and since accomodation is cheaper in Helsinki, we were able to splurge a little and got ourselves a more comfortable place to stay in. 

Love the room we had in Radisson Blu Helsinki hotel. If you are planning to visit Helsinki, I strongly recommend this hotel for its well decorated hotel room, excellent complimentary breakfast and convenient location. There's an airport bus terminal near Radisson Blu hotel and the hotel is only a short bus ride away from the Tallink Silja ferry terminal.

Explored the shopping streets near the hotel! :)

Marimekko boutique which all tourists should visit when they are in Helsinki! Love the colours of the fabric spotted in the boutique. :)

Did not do much on our first day in Helsinki. As you can see from the pictures above, we visited some tourist attractions (i.e. church, design museum) and did a little of shopping. I expected myself to be bored in Helsinki because did some research before arrival and realised that the tourist attractions did not interest me. Had enough of visiting churches..hehe...after seeing so many of them in other countries. But I was not bored at all....Shopping in Helsinki was great! I did not expect myself to be seriously shopping in Helsinki. Prior to my arrival in Helsinki, I read that goods are expensive in Helsinki but to my surprise, things are so much cheaper in Helsinki than in Stockholm, Bergen and Copenhagen. Helsinki is really a great shopping place and I love the fashion designs I see there. 

In love with Helsinki, 

Jasmine :)

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